Extension Aftercare

It is very important that your micro bond and extensions bonds are rotated every 10-12 weeks and your Braidless weaves are rotated every 6-8 weeks.

Your rotation appointments include the removal of all extensions, coming through your natural hair to remove loose strands and then reapply the extensions with new beads.

The rotation of extensions is to make sure the natural hair is healthy and to minimise and strain.

Clients who choose to go over the recommended time frame will be charged accordingly as the appointment will take longer.

The strongest part of your natural hair is the root, this is the anchor for the extensions.

Humans shed naturally anywhere between 50-10 strands per day, this loose hair is then trapped in the bond connections until they are rotated which is why its so important to stick to the guided timescales.

Failure to rotate your extensions on time will result in unnecessary stress to the root of your natural hair.

Your rotation appointments will be pre-boked before you leave the salon so please make sure you attend these appointments to maximise your hair extension lifetime and experience.

Charlotte Rose Hairdressing will hold no liability over a clients hair when they do not adhere to the rotation guidelines.


Hair should be washed one or twice a week using only the recommended products.

Hair should only be washed in the shower and not washed over the bath or flipped upside down.

In-between washes it is safe to use dry shampoo.

Hair should always be shampooed twice with the recommended products and the recommended conditioner should be used from the mid-lengths to ends to keep the extensions in good condition.

Use a hair treatment once a week to ensure extensions are well hydrated.

Charlotte Rose Hairdressing holds no liability over hair extensions that have been treated with products that have not be recommended.

Water needs to be squeezed out from the extensions after washing and you should never tie the hair into a towel or rub as this can cause knots and matting, instead just squeeze and pat dry.

Ensure you take a little extra time to rinse the extensions in the shower as any left over product can cause build up and irritation to the scalp.

Brushing & Drying

When brushing your extensions, make sure to hold your extensions with one hand at the root to eliminate any unnecessary tension.

Always brush your extensions using the recommended brush, starting from the bottom and working your way up to the roots and bond connections.

It is super important to brush your roots and over the bond connections as normal to eliminate any knotting.

You can allow your hair to air dry slightly, but never leave your hair extensions we for a long period of time.

Do not sleep with wet hair.

Always loosely braid dry hair before bed.

Apply the recommended styling products to ensure you have the correct heat protection.

Split hair into quadruple sections and focus on one section at a time using your brush to create smoothness.

You can then use the recommended finishing products to complete your look.

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