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Maintenance & Refit

Maintenance appointments are to be made 6 weeks after your extension application. This is an hour long appointment in which I will reapply any lost extensions, replace weak beads and remove any knotting. Failure to book your maintenance will result in a higher refit charge for the extra time.

Refit appointments are to be made 10-12 weeks after your extension application (or 4-6 weeks after your maintenance appointment).

This process will entail all extensions to be removed and reapplied with fresh strong sections and new beads. This is also a good opportunity to have your own natural hair trimmed to keep its strength.


It is recommended to wash your hair extensions no more than twice per week to maintain the condition and integrity of the hair. You must only use the recommended products supplied by Charlotte Rose Hairdressing, failure to do so will result in Charlotte Rose Hairdressing holding no liability for your hair extensions quality.

Hair extensions should not be washed over the bath and should not be wrapped up in a towel. Gently squeeze excess water out before stepping out of the shower and pat dry with a towel or t-shirt material.


When brushing, always ensure you are supporting the extensions with your free hand at the root to eliminate any unnecessary tension. Always brush your extensions using the recommended hair brush by Charlotte Rose Hairdressing, starting at the bottom and working your way up to root gently. Hair extensions must be brushed twice a day. Always ensure you are brushing over the bond connections to remove knotting and to separate the bonds. You can allow your hair to air dry slightly before blow-drying but never leave extensions wet for a long period of time. Always loosely braid hair extensions before bed time. Apply the recommended styling products before blow-drying, and split the hair into quadruple sections to focus on one section at a time, this will ensure you get the best results.

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